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The platform broadcasts selective music on 5 music channels with categories such as House, Chill House, Dance, Chill Out Lounge, and 80s. can provide its audience with the subscription service Play Exclusive music (for professional spaces & cafes without interruptions for station signals or advertisements) at a very low price.

By subscribing to the Exclusive service, you are allowed to listen to music with excellent audio quality, without ads, with access to all channels, for a low monthly cost. Sign up today to experience the benefits of the service yourself.

No, absolutely not. Tracksaudio provides you with a very easy menu to select your favorite music from 5 music channels on your mobile, tablet, or laptop, connected to the internet, and to the sound system of your space. To avoid streaming interruptions during peak network times, it is recommended to use an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi.

Our Exclusive service streams in:

MP3: 192 kbits/sec and 320 kbits/sec.

With the start of your Exclusive subscription, you are entitled to access from two points (IP connections). Therefore, you should be particularly careful with its use. If your account is blocked, please contact us to unblock it. For the need to use more than two points simultaneously, you will need to create a new subscription with a new username.

Packages are available starting from:

€9.99 – 1 month subscription

€53.00 (10% discount) – 6-month subscription

€99.00 (17% discount) – Annual subscription

Sorry, but we do not offer a trial period for the Exclusive subscription. However, we recommend starting with a monthly subscription so you can familiarize yourself with our service within a satisfactory timeframe. Then, you have the option to extend your subscription for the desired duration.

Absolutely – you get access to all music channels across our entire network. Specifically, the platform broadcasts selective music on 5 music channels with categories like House, Chill House, Dance, Chill Out Lounge, and 80s. It offers something unique for every music enthusiast, regardless of their preferred genre.

We only accept payment through PayPal.

You can cancel at any time, for any reason, and you will not be billed again. Once canceled, your Exclusive subscription will remain active until its expiration date.

Playing pleasant and curated music in a professional space offers numerous benefits. Firstly, music creates a pleasant atmosphere that enhances the experience of your customers. Additionally, well-chosen music can bolster the professional image of your business and contribute to shaping its identity. Suitable music can also create a relaxing atmosphere for employees, aiding in stress and fatigue reduction. Furthermore, the choice of appropriate music can positively influence the mood and energy of your staff, promoting an overall sense of well-being. Overall, the selection of suitable music is a significant element for a business, contributing to the creation of a pleasant atmosphere for both customers and personnel.

You can listen to Tracksaudio on your device (mobile phone, tablet, or laptop) with an internet connection, which should be connected to the sound system of your space. To avoid interruptions in streaming (during periods of high network traffic from your clients), it is recommended to avoid Wi-Fi and prefer a connection via an Ethernet cable.

(Note: The translation assumes that the term “Tracksaudio” refers to a music streaming service or platform.)

If you didn’t find the answers you were looking for, we are always at your disposal to help with any inquiries you may have. Feel free to contact us here.


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      Music for Business Chill Out Lounge

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      Music for Business 80s

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